The first

The first restaurant, Sumosan, was opened in Moscow by an entrepreneur, restaurateur, and ideological inspirer Alexander Wolkow in 1997 at the Slavyanskaya hotel, where he continues to work today. There is a special area is with open grills teppanyaki, which is able to turn the guests ‘ meals into an unforgettable gastronomic spectacle.


The restaurant as like as its founder Alexander Wolkow, has a rich history and by this time a lot of events have occurred, among which significant ones can be identified:

November 20, 1997 – Sakao sushi bar opened at the Slavyanskaya Hotel, which employs chefs from Japan.
April 12, 2000 – the official opening of the Sumosan restaurant in the Slavyanskaya hotel

Expansion of Japanese cuisine

2000 – Opening of the restaurant Nippon in the Metropol hotel
2001 – Opening of the restaurant Shogun in the Baltschug hotel
2001 – Opening of sushi bars at Shangri-La Сasino
2002 – Opening of the restaurant Justo with Arkady Novikov and Andrey Kobzon
2002 – Opening of the restaurant Sumosan in London
2005 – Opening of the restaurant Sumosan in Kiev at the Premier Palace Hotel